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AVINENT® CC 3.5 Transep. Abut. GH3.5 (Ang.17º)

AVINENT® CC 3.5 Transep. Abut. GH3.5 (Ang.17º)

Ref: 3140

System of transepithelials to correct angulations and divergences to facilitate axes of insertion of the prosthesis.


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Description and technical specifications

The AVINENT transepithelials system has two major characteristics, namely the capacity to superficialise the axis of insertion of the implant and to correct its angulation. AVINENT has TRANSEPITHELIAL ABUTMENTS made of Titanium for unitary and multiple cases in different heights and angulations (17º, 24º, 30º).

All AVINENT transepithelials are served by means of carriers to facilitate the placement on the implant.

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