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AVINENT® IC 3.5/4.1 Angulation Correction Screw G2

AVINENT® IC 3.5/4.1 Angulation Correction Screw G2

Ref: 5336

The perfect design for an optimal fit.


Description and technical specifications

AVINENT designs different screw types depending on the case in question. The angled screws (up to 20º) allow the position of the final rehabilitation channel to be shifted in case of divergence. Each screw is especially designed for the implant system used and must be used with its original screwdriver.

We have a wide variety of screws:

  • For unitary abutments
  • For multiples
  • For angled titanium bases
  • For angulation correction
  • From the laboratory
  • In gold
  • Reduced for abutment
  • For angled transepithelial
  • Short
  • Short grooved
  • Short/long for open tray

Check with us the connections available for 3Shape and Exocad Digital Libraries.

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