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Biomimetic® PEARL Implant 2.0x13 (3.0)

Biomimetic® PEARL Implant 2.0x13 (3.0)

Ref: 3826

The PEARL implant system has a reduced diameter.
Indicated for multiple rehabilitations with removable prostheses or cases of single tooth absences in mesiodistally compromised spaces.

Description and technical specifications

PEARL is Avinent's reduced-diameter implant system. An innovative product with unique characteristics aimed at providing a quality option for rehabilitations with removable prostheses on multiple implants in a minimally invasive way.

It also has a prosthetic line to rehabilitate single tooth absences in mesiodistally compromised spaces, allowing us to perform screw-retained restorations with guaranteed success.

Its innovative Biomimetic surface allows excellent biological interaction between bone and implant, favoring osseointegration.

Main characteristics:

  • Indicated for treatments with removable prosthesis and some single tooth absences
  • Minimally invasive milling and placement protocol
  • Geometry with progressive and asymmetrical spiral to facilitate insertion and narrow apex to reduce the risk of damaging adjacent tooth roots
  • Three different implant diameters with the same platform and external connection

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