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Biomimetic® ICEBERG Implant CC.I 3.5 Ø4.0 L13

Biomimetic® ICEBERG Implant CC.I 3.5 Ø4.0 L13

Ref: 5908

The "tissue level" implant system is designed to achieve good primary stability and splendid aesthetic results at the tissue level.
The ICEBERG implant is indicated to optimize aesthetic treatments by preserving and improving tissue maintenance.

Description and technical specifications

ICEBERG is Avinent's new system, which incorporates a 1.80 mm transmucosal golden collar with a convergent profile, without angles or edges, which together with an innovative line of prosthetic solutions allows for continuity of implant neck emergence and increased soft tissue formation around the implant.

Its conical body allows complete adaptation of the implant to different bone zones, ensuring its apical penetration capacity and bone compaction during insertion to increase initial stability even in compromised bone situations.

Its innovative Biomimetic surface allows excellent biological interaction between bone and implant, favoring osseointegration.

Design and surgical protocols designed to achieve excellent biological and aesthetic results in all types of treatments.

Main characteristics:

  • Indicated for bone preservation treatments and soft tissue management
  • Anodized neck to improve soft tissue mimetisation
  • Implant-prosthetic connection that minimizes micromovements and provides greater biological sealing

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