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Formlabs Form 2 Tanque para Resina

Formlabs Form 2 Tanque para Resina

Ref: CV00778

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Description and technical specifications

The Standard Resin Tank is one of the key parts for the functioning of the SLA 3D Form 2 printer. It is recommended to change this tank approximately every 2L of resin to achieve the best finishes and properties offered by the Form 2. The grounds for this recommendation is the wear that occurs with use of the silicone layer that the tank has at its base, which is a sheet that prevents the resin from adhering to the tank after the laser solidifies each layer. Another outstanding aspect is the protection it has against UV rays (orange coating) to prevent solidification of the resin in resting states, especially when it comes to storage.

Each Standard Resin Tank has its own wiper, an element that slides through the tank between layers to remove the remains of solidified resin or bubbles of air that could affect the solidification. Moreover, FormLabs supplies a cover that ensures a perfect seal to protect and store the leftover resin in the tank after each print. Thanks to the design of the cover of the Standard Resin Tanks they can be stacked, offering greater convenience when it comes to storing the leftover resin in each tank.

A tank must be used for each type of resin and colour to avoid contamination and loss of the main properties of the resins.

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