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Zirconia DD cube X² Ø98 H10 Translucent

Zirconia DD cube X² Ø98 H10 Translucent

Ref: CV00702

Super translucent cubic zirconia

Description and technical specifications

The new DD cubeX2® cubic zirconia system is a revolutionary material for those technicians who seek excellent aesthetic results. Zirconia has never been this good. A biocompatible material with unbeatable translucence. The DD cubeX2® system combines all that is positive about zirconium with a significant increase in translucence which up until now could only be found in lithium disilicates. This material is perfect for highly aesthetic treatments of the anterior part and also for use in posterior sectors.


  • Attractive monolithic crowns and bridges (up to 3 units, including molar restorations)
  • Especially appropriate for anterior monolithic restorations (bridges of up to 3 units)
  • Cut back (one layer)
  • Highly aesthetic coating

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