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DD Peek MED Ø98 H18 Natural

DD Peek MED Ø98 H18 Natural

Ref: CV01036

Steel polymer

Description and technical specifications

DD Peek MED is the ideal combination between biocompatibility and maximum resistance. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) has an elasticity module similar to that of human bone and, therefore, is extremely resistant to wear. These attributes have made it a highly demanded material in surgical endoprostheses. In comparison with titanium implants, stress peaks on the bone interface are reduced. This property also benefits dental constructions. It reduces the load on the screw and adhesive bonds of the dental prosthesis. It is an ideal material for heavy load indications. Its total biocompatibility makes the material stand out for its inert properties towards bodily fluids.


  • Monomer-free
  • Ideal for loading and resistant to wear
  • Low density - very light
  • Adhesion to PMMA
  • Suitable for patients with allergies
  • Excellent sliding properties (telescopic)

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