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Implant CORAL EC 3.8x7 (4.1)

Implant CORAL EC 3.8x7 (4.1)

Ref: 0836

The extraordinary geometry of the CORAL implant and its innovative Biomimetic surface make it a highly versatile implant for all types of clinical indications and surgical protocols.

Description and technical specifications

The first implant system developed by Avinent was the CORAL implant.

Its geometry with three gentle tapers, which mimic the shape of the natural tooth root, and the design of its self-tapping spirals, make it a versatile solution for all types of clinical indications, providing high initial stability.

The milling protocol has been specially designed to achieve optimal primary stability of the implant in all bone qualities.

Its innovative Biomimetic surface allows excellent biological interaction between bone and implant, favoring osseointegration.

Main characteristics:

  • Implant for all types of clinical indications
  • Design that provides great primary stability at the crestal bone level
  • Geometry with three tapers that reproduce the natural tooth root
  • Versatile implant with internal and external hexagonal connection

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